Youth in Revolt 2009

Youth in Revolt is the 2009 feature film adaptation of the C.D. Payne novel of the same name about a cynical sex-obsessed 14-year-old’s pining love for an intelligent girl and the things that stand in his way, including his ignorant divorced parents, his mom’s boyfriends, and the boy the girl still likes.

Plot: Nick Twisp (Michael Cera) is a cynical sex-obsessed teenager who, while on vacation, meets Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday), a smart girl. But the only things really standing in his way is Sheeni’s ex-boyfriend Trent (Jonathan B. Wright) and his ignorant divorced parents (Steve Buscemi and Jean Smart).
* Michael Cera as Nick Twisp
* Portia Doubleday as Sheeni Saunders
* Steve Buscemi as George Twisp
* Jean Smart as Estelle Twisp
* Ray Liotta as Oakland PD Officer Lance Wescott
* M. Emmet Walsh
* Erik Knudsen as Leroy “Lefty”
* Jonathan B. Wright as Trent Preston
* Justin Long as Paul Saunders
* Ari Graynor as Lacey
* Zach Galifianakis as Jerry
* Rooney Mara as Taggarty
* Adhir Kalyan as Vijay Joshi
* Mary Kay Place
* Fred Willard as Mr. Ferguson
* Gerald Romero as Illegal Immigrant

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