Watch Out 2008

Watch Out is a 2008 film directed by Steve Balderson (Firecracker) based on the novel by Joseph Suglia and starring Matt Riddlehoover.

Though the story is set in Benton Harbor, Michigan, the film was shot guerilla-style, without permits, in March and April on location in Wamego, Kansas. The 1-minute “teaser” trailer for Watch Out was launched on June 17, 2008 and within 11 days had more than 23,000 views on YouTube.

Plot: Based on the scandalous novel by Joseph Suglia, WATCH OUT concerns Professor Jonathan Barrows, the world’s only completely self-contained human being.
* Matt Riddlehoover – Jonathan Barrows
* Amy Kelly – Gina
* Peter Stickles – Brian
* Jeff Dylan Graham – Bobby
* Jillian Lauren Dreskin – Margaret / The Pop Star (as Jillian Lauren)
* Miriam Climenhaga – Beate
* Starina Johnson – Andrea
* Lady Monster – Mandy – the Translucent Woman
* Frank Krainz – The Desk Clerk
* Betti O – Miss Grimmlager

Watch Watch Out 2008 Trailer