Vanishing on 7th Street 2011

Vanishing on 7th Street is a post-apocalyptic horror-thriller film directed by Brad Anderson and starring Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo.

Plot: A mysterious, seemingly global blackout causes countless amounts of people to simply vanish into thin air, leaving only their clothes and possessions behind. As more and more people disappear, so does daylight, forcing a small handful of survivors to band together in an abandoned, dimly-lit bar on Detroit, Michigan’s 7th Street, struggling to combat the apocalyptic threat. Realizing they may in fact be the last people on Earth, the darkness begins to hone in on them alone. As the situation worsens, they know one thing for sure, that only the diminishing light sources can keep them safe. As the lights fail, all the characters start vanishing one by one. During the trailer the word “Croatoan” can be seen, evoking the lost colony of Roanoke.

* Hayden Christensen as Luke Ryder
* Thandie Newton as Rosemary
* John Leguizamo as Paul
* Jacob Latimore as James Leary
* Taylor Groothuis as Briana

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