Ugly Betty (Tv Series) 2006

Ugly Betty is an American television comedy-drama series starring America Ferrera in the title role, along with Eric Mabius, Vanessa Williams, Ashley Jensen, Becki Newton, Judith Light, Ana Ortiz, Tony Plana, Michael Urie, and Mark Indelicato.

The series premiered on September 28, 2006, on ABC in the United States and Canada. It follows the life of the unglamorous and good-natured Betty Suarez and her incongruous job at the ultra-chic New York City fashion magazine Mode. The series is an adaptation of the Colombian telenovela Betty la fea (“Betty the Ugly”), written by Fernando Gaitán (also author of Café, con aroma de mujer). It is adapted into a New York City setting by creator/developer Silvio Horta and co-producers Salma Hayek and Ben Silverman, whose production companies Silent H, Ventanarosa and Reveille respectively partnered with ABC Studios to create the hour-long program for the U.S. audience. Hayek has appeared on the show as Sofia Reyes, in addition to playing a cameo role as an actress on a fictional telenovela watched by the main character’s family in the pilot episode. Already in its third season, Ugly Betty has received an early pick-up by ABC for its fourth season. Ugly Betty will return in Late June/Early July 2009 in the UK on Channel 4 for Season 3.

Plot: Betty Suarez is smart, sweet and hard working. The only problem is that she’s not thin and beautiful like all her coworkers at Mode, the high-fashion magazine where she works. The only reason the publisher hired her to be his son’s secretary, is that he thought Betty was someone who Daniel would never sleep with. Betty’s hard work and determination earns Daniel’s respect, as she helps him find his way through the shark infested waters of the fashion industry. Ugly Betty is based on a Colombian telenovela “Yo Soy Betty La Fea”.
Since its debut, Ugly Betty won two Golden Globe Awards on January 15, 2007, for “Best Leading Actress in a Comedy Series” (America Ferrera) and Best Comedy Series. Ferrera also won a SAG Award on January 28, 2007, for “Best Actress in a Comedy Series”. On June 4, 2007, the series was honored with a Peabody Award for its storylines, which explores clashing concepts of beauty, class, race and footwear with intelligence, warmth and wit. Ugly Betty won the Outstanding Comedy Series award by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation in April 2007. Judith Light also won a Prism Award for her portrayl as Claire Meade. On July 19, 2007, the series received 11 nominations at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards in the Comedy category (the most of any comedy series), including Outstanding Comedy Series, Best Actress (Ferrera), Best Supporting Actress (Williams), and Best Guest Starring Actress (Hayek for her role as Sofia; Light for her role as Claire. Both lost to Elaine Stritch). It won three awards Best Casting in a Comedy Series, Best Direction in a Comedy Series (for the show’s pilot episode), and Best Actress in a Comedy Series (Ferrera).
* America Ferrera – Betty Suarez (63 episodes, 2006-2009)
* Eric Mabius – Daniel Meade (63 episodes, 2006-2009)
* Tony Plana – Ignacio Suarez (63 episodes, 2006-2009)
* Ana Ortiz – Hilda Suarez (63 episodes, 2006-2009)
* Ashley Jensen – Christina McKinney (63 episodes, 2006-2009)
* Becki Newton – Amanda Tanen (63 episodes, 2006-2009)
* Mark Indelicato – Justin Suarez (63 episodes, 2006-2009)
* Michael Urie – Marc St. James (63 episodes, 2006-2009)
* Vanessa Williams – Wilhelmina Slater (63 episodes, 2006-2009)
* Judith Light – Claire Meade (49 episodes, 2006-2009)
* Alan Dale – Bradford Meade (35 episodes, 2006-2008)
* Rebecca Romijn – Alexis Meade (34 episodes, 2007-2008)
* Christopher Gorham – Henry Grubstick (31 episodes, 2006-2008)

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