Tyrannosaur 2011

Tyrannosaur is a 2011 British drama film written and directed by actor Paddy Considine (His first feature film). The film depicts an environment similar to what Considine witnessed growing up on a council estate in the Midlands, although the film is in no way autobiographical.

Plot: Joseph, an unemployed widower with a drinking problem, plagued by violence and a rage that is driving him to self-destruction, undergoes a life change after killing his dog in a fit of rage. Desperate to change his ways and get out of his unpleasant past and surroundings, he earns a chance of redemption when by chance he becomes close to local charity shop worker Hannah, a respectable wholesome and kindly Christian woman who takes pity on him, and they become close friends. However Hannah has a dark secret of her own which threatens to plunge Joseph back into his former life.

* Peter Mullan as Joseph
* Olivia Colman as Hannah
* Eddie Marsan as James
* Samuel Bottomley as Samuel
* Paul Popplewell as Bod

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