The Stepfather 2009

The Stepfather is the announced 2009 remake of the 1987 American thriller film of the same name. The film will be distributed by Screen Gems. Filming will be completed by April 15.

Plot: Dylan Walsh stars as David Harris, very much a “family values” man who mysteriously comes into the lives of single mothers with children and becomes the dream man they always wanted. When he woos Susan Harding (Sela Ward) and eventually moves in with her family, her teenage son Michael (Penn Badgley) begins to suspect that David is not quite the dream man he pretends to be. Along with his girlfriend Kelly (Amber Heard) and Susan’s friends (Paige Turco and Sherry Stringfield) they slowly start to piece together the mystery of the man who is set to become their stepfather, but they may be too late in getting to the truth.

* Penn Badgley
* Dylan Walsh
* Christopher Meloni
* Sela Ward
* Sherry Stringfield
* Amber Heard
* Paige Turco

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