The Steam Experiment 2009

The Steam Experiment also billed before release as The Chaos Experiment is a 2009 independent suspense thriller directed by Philippe Martinez and starring Val Kilmer, Armand Assante, and Eric Roberts.

Plot: A former professor (Kilmer) concocts a brutal experiment in order to get the word out on the effects of global warming. By trapping six people in an urban Turkish bathhouse, he vows to overheat his hostages unless his global-warming hypothesis is published on the front page of his local paper.

* Val Kilmer as James Pettis, the deranged scientist, a former university professor
* Armand Assante as Detective Mancini, who tries to negotiate with the scientist
* Eric Roberts as Grant, a hostage who is a former pro football player
* Patrick Muldoon as Christopher, a hostage who is a nurse
* Megan Brown as Catherine, a hostage who is a former actress
* Eve Mauro as Jessie, a hostage who is a waitress

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