The Last Templar (Tv Series) 2005

The Last Templar is a 2005 novel by Raymond Khoury, and also is his debut work. It was on the New York Times bestseller list for 22 months.

Plot: In the present, four people on horseback dressed as Templars storm New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art during its exhibition of The Treasures of the Vatican. The raid results in injury and death; most of the artifacts on display are either destroyed or stolen. Most notable is the very reverent theft of a multigeared rotor encoder.
Tess Chaykin, an archaeologist, survives the raid, but is bothered by something mouthed by the leader of the Templars as he stole the encoder: “Veritas vos liberabit.” After a fruitless Internet search to figure out the significance of the cryptic phrase, Chaykin visits a former colleague who informs her that the phrase has Templar connections (it was carved into a Templar castle in France), and advises her that pursuing the inquiry further requires an expert on the Templars. Tess decides to locate William Vance, an old friend who happens to be MIA. One of the Met raiders, Gus Waldron, tries to sell a stolen piece to antique dealer Lucien Boussard. The dealer tips off the FBI about Waldron’s connection to the museum raid.
* Martin of Carmaux – Martin is in the secondary plot of the story and is a Templar. After his mentor Aimard dies he is to take a message to the Grand Master, but after many perils he is captured in Tuscany and forced into slavery for years before returning to France.
* Tess Chaykin – Tess is an archaeologist and was in the museum when it was attacked. She is a main part in discovering where the pouch is and after she befriends Reilly they go together to Turkey to find the pouch.
* Sean Reilly – Reilly is an FBI agent and is appointed the case of the attacking of the museum. After capturing Gus and finding the other two people who attacked the museum dead he befriends Tess. He is of Catholic beliefs.
* Gus Waldron, Branko Petrovic, Mitch Adeson – These are the three men who with Vance attacked the museum and took the multigeared rotor encoder. The three are killed by a man named Plunkett who is a henchman of De Angelis, who hunts them down and kills each in a different way.
* William Vance – Vance is the main antagonist and raids the museum and takes the device. His motives are to release to the world of Christianity that their beliefs are false; he believes that this will be the end of the religion. He wants to do this because a priest advised him and his wife against aborting a high-risk pregnancy. This resulted in the deaths of Vance’s wife and unborn daughter. Vance dies after he falls from a ledge reaching for the Gospel.
* Monsignor De Angelis – De Angelis is a priest, but also a CIA operative. He is behind the killing of the three raiders and sinks the boat Tess was on to prevent the recovery of the figurehead containing the Templars’ chest.

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