The Hungry Ghosts 2009

The Hungry Ghosts is a 2009 film written and directed by Michael Imperioli and produced by Stefan Schaefer. The film stars Steven Schirripa, Aunjanue Ellis, Nick Sandow, Sharon Angela and newcomer Emory Cohen.

Plot: Matthew is a teenage boy in New York who has therapy together with his father because of their troubled communication. The boy runs away after a session. His mother is worried but his father is not. Matthew stays in a park at night, where he is picked up by a couple. They give him alcohol and drugs, after which the woman has sex with Matthew while the man watches. Nadia abandons the place where she lives. She has a meal on the stairs of a house. The woman living there tells her to leave, but Nadia refuses. The woman throws a bucket of water over her, after which Nadia beats her.
* Ajay Naidu – Laurence
* Steve Schirripa – Frank
* John Ventimiglia – James
* Aunjanue Ellis – Nadia
* Paul Calderon – Carl
* Sharon Angela – Sharon
* Jenna Stern – Lisa
* Vincent Curatola – Nicky Z
* Angelica Torn – Roberta
* Chris Tardio – Brian
* Tina Benko – Abby
* Jerry Grayson – Jerry
* Bess Rous – Lisette
* Sondra James – Lucy
* E.J. Carroll – Eddie
* Nick Sandow – Gus
* Stefan C. Schaefer – Tim

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