The Grudge 3 2009

The Grudge 3 is the direct-to-DVD sequel to the American horror films The Grudge and its sequel, The Grudge 2. The film was directed by Toby Wilkins taking Takashi Shimizu’s place. According to IMDb, filming took place in March 2008. The film will be released on May 12, 2009. The trailer was released on October 28, 2008.

Plot: The events of the Grudge 3 occur several months after the Chicago vignette of The Grudge 2 . Jake, the sole survivor, is now institutionalized after the gruesome murder of his family. His caretaker is Dr. Sullivan, who is skeptical of Jake’s stories describing a woman with long black hair covered in blood as the murderer. Dr. Sullivan has to leave Jake in his room as she has to take care of the other patients. She reassures Jake by telling him that there is a security camera that will always be watching him. When she leaves, almost immediately the lights start flickering, and Jake realizes that Kayako is here. He screams for help, but the security guard does not pay attention, but it is too late when he does realize what happens, as he sees Jake being flung around the room by an invisible force. When they arrive in the room, Jake is lying in a pool of blood. He has broken almost every bone in is body. Dr. Sullivan becomes aware of the truth when it had finally claimed Jake.

* Lisa – Johanna Braddy
* Jake – Matthew Knight
* Max – Gil McKinney
* Naoko – Emi Ikehata
* Rose – Jadie Hobson
* Andy – Beau Mirchoff
* Dr. Ann Sullivan – Shawnee Smith

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