The Great Escape 1963

Fictionalized account of the massive Allied escape from a German prisoner of war camp during World War II. The German Luftwaffe has decided to put all of their rotten apples those that continually try to escape into one camp.

As the planner of the escape notes, there is madness in their method as they have put a great deal of expertise into one camp. The plan originally called for over 200 men to escape through three tunnels.

All escapees would have appropriate clothing and papers and the ultimate goal of the breakout is to make the Germans use an excess of resources to try and locate them. After one of tunnels is discovered, they concentrate on completing only one of the remaining two and in the end, 76 men manage to escape, three make back to the Allied side. In one of the atrocities of the war, 50 men are shot while “trying to escape”.

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