The Grapes of Wrath 1940

After serving four years in prison for killing a man, hotheaded Tom Joad (Henry Fonda) heads back to the family farm in Oklahoma. On his way he meets Casy (John Carradine), a former preacher who has lost his faith.

The pair find the farm deserted; Tom’s share cropping family was evicted. Tom is reunited with his family at his uncle’s farm, only to discover the family must also leave that farm the next day. The extended family of eight (plus Casy) packs up their belongings onto an old truck and head to California to look for work.

Shortly after leaving, Grandpa (Charley Grapewin) dies of a stroke and the family buries him along the roadside. Money is tight; they have trouble affording 15 cents for a loaf of bread. They are warned that there is little work in California. Grandma (Zeffie Tilbury) dies just before the family reaches the California border.
They arrive at an itinerate camp populated with hungry children. A man and sheriff come to the camp promising work but won’t say how much they will be paid. A local man at the camp warns the others and the sheriff wants to arrest the man. The man runs away and the sheriff shoots at him, killing a bystander. Tom knocks out the sheriff and flees.

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