The Big Sleep 1946

First, the Raymond Chandler novel: he took hold of LA like it was one of those glass balls of a winter scene filled with water – he turned it upside down and shook it well, then put it back down and described the action.

The book had everything in the hard boiled mystery novel of that time, and many elements that had been deleted from others, plus it was extremely well written.  He included (then illegal) homosexuality, (then) illegal sex photos, (then) illegal gambling, corrupt police; Chandler used Marlowe like a pinball, bouncing among the rich, the corrupt, the criminals, the scam artists, the thugs, the vulnerable, andthe protected playgrounds of the rich, to track down an extortion attempt that rapidly escalates into several murders. It was a densely written work that demonstrated superior skills at the same time also knowledge of relatively unknown subjects and how these all fit together in the LA of 1939 (unseen and unknown, for the most part, by the local population or anyone else in the US, which made it great reading and obviously eye popping at the theatres.)

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