Superman/Batman: Public Enemies 2009

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is an original direct-to-video animated film adaptation of “The World’s Finest” the opening story arc of DC Comics’ Superman/Batman which focuses on Superman and Batman teaming up to prevent a meteoroid from striking Earth and take down Lex Luthor, who has been elected President of the United States. The film is the sixth in the line of the DC Universe Original Animated Movies line released by Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Animation. So far, voice actors from the DCAU are set to reprise their roles, although it is not a DCAU production and is said not to be connected with that universe beyond sharing of voice actors.

Plot: United States President Lex Luthor uses the oncoming trajectory of a Kryptonite meteor to frame Superman and declare a $1 billion bounty on the heads of the Man of Steel and his ‘partner in crime’, Batman. Heroes and villains alike launch a relentless pursuit of Superman and Batman, who must unite and recruit help to stave off the action-packed onslaught, stop the meteor, and uncover Luthor’s devious plot to take command of far more than the United States.

Voice actor – Character
* Tim Daly – Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman
* Kevin Conroy – Bruce Wayne/Batman
* Clancy Brown – Lex Luthor
* C. C. H. Pounder – Amanda Waller
* Allison Mack – Karen Starr/Power Girl
* John C. McGinley – John Corben/Metallo

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