Shameless (Tv Series) 2004

Shameless is a BAFTA award-winning British comedy drama television series set in the fictional Chatsworth Estate, Manchester, England. Produced by Company Pictures for Channel 4, the first seven-episode series aired weekly on Tuesday nights at 10pm from 13 January 2004.

The comedy drama, centred around UK underclass and Working class culture, has been accorded critical acclaim by various sections of the British media, including The Sun newspaper and Newsnight Review on BBC Two. The programme was created and, at least initially, mainly written by Paul Abbott, who is also the programme’s Executive Producer. Much of the series is based on Abbott’s own experiences growing up in a similar situation to the Gallagher children in Burnley. The first series was co-written with Danny Brocklehurst and Carmel Morgan. In subsequent series, Abbott and Brocklehurst shared the main writing duties. For the fifth series a 66,000 sq. ft (6,100 m2) exterior and interior set was built on an industrial estate in Wythenshawe, Manchester. The sixth series of the show premiered on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Plot:The opening credits have always featured a monologue from the central character of the series, Frank Gallagher. The series charts the lives of the dysfunctional Gallagher family, comprising the father, Frank Gallagher and his nine children, widening the scope to other occupants of the estate as the series progresses. Central characters in the Gallagher family include eldest daughter Fiona (1.1 – 2.10), eldest son Lip (Phillip) (1.1 – 5.1), plus younger children Ian, (1.1 – 6.2, 6.5-), Carl, Debbie and Liam who grow up as the series continues. Other characters featured in earlier series include Fiona’s boyfriend Steve, a middle class car thief (series 1.1 – 2.10); Kev and Veronica (series 1.1 – 4.1), the Gallagher’s neighbours; Kash, the owner of the local shop, and his wife Yvonne; agoraphobic Sheila (series 1.1 – 4.3) & her daughter Karen; Lip’s girlfriend Mandy Maguire; the policemen Tony and Stan, along with various regular background characters. The cast was expanded for the series 2, with Carol and Marty, Veronica’s mother and brother, becoming regular characters after guest roles in the first series. In series 3, Mandy’s family, led by her drug dealing mother Mimi Maguire and Paddy Maguire, became key characters. In series 4 we also meet three of the Maguire parents’ sons: Shane Maguire, who is determined to show his parents and the estate that he is a hard man and a good worker, and Mickey Maguire, who is gay and similarly determined to prove himself. We also meet Jamie Maguire, who has been in prison for 10 years for murder. The Gallagher family reside at 2 Windsor Gardens on the fictional Chatsworth Estate, a council estate in Salford, Greater Manchester. Originally the show was filmed on location on a council estate in West Gorton and in the Pie Factory Studios in Salford. From series 5 onwards the show has been filmed from a purpose built set on the Roundthorn Industrial Estate in South Manchester on the site of an old Kodak warehouse, and around Wythenshawe, Manchester.
The role of Frank was originally given to Sean Gallagher, but then it was thought he was too young to play the character. It cost makers Company Pictures £100,000 to re-shoot the scenes already filmed with David Threlfall as a replacement. In 2007, it was revealed that Matt Lucas and Bill Nighy asked for cameo parts in Shameless, but creator, Paul Abbott said the show would lose its realistic charms if they brought in celebrities to play parts.
* David Threlfall – Frank Gallagher (52 episodes, 2004-2009)
* Gerard Kearns – Ian Gallagher (52 episodes, 2004-2009)
* Elliott Tittensor – Carl Gallagher (52 episodes, 2004-2009)
* Rebecca Ryan – Debbie Gallagher (51 episodes, 2004-2009)
* Rebecca Atkinson – Karen Jackson (42 episodes, 2004-2009)
* Kelli Hollis – Yvonne (37 episodes, 2004-2009)
* Samantha Siddall – Mandy Maguire (36 episodes, 2004-2009)
* Jody Latham – Philip ‘Lip’ Gallagher (35 episodes, 2004-2008)
* Alice Barry – Lillian (35 episodes, 2004-2009)
* Warren Donnelly – Stan (33 episodes, 2004-2009)
* Johnny Bennett – Liam Gallagher (32 episodes, 2006-2009)
* Maggie O’Neill – Sheila Jackson (28 episodes, 2004-2007)
* Marjorie Yates – Carol Fisher (28 episodes, 2004-2007)
* Lindsey Dawson – Jez (28 episodes, 2004-2007)

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