Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America 2007

In the year 1007, an expedition of Vikings arrives on the shores of the New World and travels south in search of a fabled Vinland. When their party is attacked by “Skraelings” and must flee to safety, two men who had gone ahead to explore the interior are left behind, assumed dead. Very much alive but stranded on the rocky shore, the two move north in hopes of reuniting with their countrymen. Haunted by memories and visions of the Old World, the Norsemen face the challenges of an unfamiliar landscape in very different ways. And though the terrain seems dense and deserted, they are not the only people in the woods: both Indians and Irish Monks factor in their epic adventure in the Americas.

* Clare Amory – Volnard’s Sister
* Noelle Bailey – Abenaki Woman
* Nathan Corbin – Christian Thrall
* Sean Dooley – Monk 2
* James Fuentes – Abenaki Man

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