Schindler’s List 1993

Schindler’s List is an American 1993 biographical film about Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saved the lives of more than a thousand Polish Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his factories.

The film was directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the novel Schindler’s Ark by Thomas Keneally. It stars Liam Neeson as Schindler, Ralph Fiennes as Schutzstaffel (SS) officer Amon Göth, and Ben Kingsley as Schindler’s accountant Itzhak Stern. The film was both a box office success and recipient of seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Score. In 2007, the American Film Institute ranked the film eighth on its list of the 100 best American films of all time.

Plot: Based on a true story, Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List stars Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler, a German businessman in Poland who sees an opportunity to make money from the Nazis’ rise to power. He starts a company to make cookware and utensils, using flattery and bribes to win military contracts, and brings in accountant and financier Itzhak Stern (Ben Kingsley) to help run the factory. By staffing his plant with Jews who’ve been herded into Krakow’s ghetto by Nazi troops, Schindler has a dependable unpaid labor force. For Stern, a job in a war-related plant could mean survival for himself and the other Jews working for..
American Film Institute recognition
* 1998 AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Movies #9
* 2003 AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Heroes and Villains:
o Oskar Schindler, hero #13
o Amon Goeth, villain #15
* 2006 AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Cheers #3
* 2007 AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition) #8
* 2008 AFI’s 10 Top 10 #3 epic film

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