Robin Hood (Tv Series) 2006

Robin Hood is a British television programme, produced by independent production company Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC One, with co-funding from the BBC America cable television channel in the United States.

Based on the traditional stories of legendary English folk hero Robin Hood, the programme started on 7 October 2006. Series 2 commenced broadcasting on 6 October 2007 with the final two episodes on 29 December 2007. Series 3 began airing on 28 March 2009 for a thirteen episode run.
The majority of the main characters in Robin Hood are based on the English folk tale of the same name. The show’s main character is Robin Hood (Jonas Armstrong), who has returned to England after five years fighting in the Third Crusade as part of the King’s Guard. He is shocked to find out how the sheriff is running Nottingham upon his return. Robin is made an outlaw, and takes it upon himself to steal from the rich, to feed the poor along with his gang (also called his Merry Men), which consists of his best friend Much (Sam Troughton); two young men he saved from a hanging, Will (Harry Lloyd) and Allan (Joe Armstrong); the ex-leader of another gang, Little John (Gordon Kennedy); and another young man named Roy (William Beck), who is killed in episode 4, and replaced in episode 5 by Djaq (Anjali Jay), a Saracen girl hiding under the alias of her dead brother. He is pleased that Lady Marian (Lucy Griffiths) is still unmarried. Their relationship becomes romantic on several occasions, however she is trapped by the hold that Sir Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage) has over her. Guy is the sheriff’s second-in-command, and is in love with Marian. He often puts her in difficult situations where she has to be with him to help the people she loves. The primary villain is the Sheriff of Nottingham (Keith Allen), who plots to kill King Richard along with the help of Gisborne and the black knights. He is constantly trying to capture Robin and the rest of the outlaws, for continuously stopping his scheme to take over England.
The opening episode won its timeslot in the unofficial overnight ratings, with an average viewing figure of 8.2 million, peaking at 8.5 million. This compared to an average of 7 million for its nearest opposition, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV1. According to the Guardian Unlimited overnight ratings report the following Monday, this equated to a 37% share of the total viewing audience available for Robin Hood in its timeslot, as against 31.1% for Ant and Dec. The second episode of the series lost 1.5 million viewers compared to the debut, with an average of 6.7 million in the overnight figures and a 30% audience share. This put it second in its slot, behind The X-Factor on ITV1, which average 7.3 million and a 35% audience share. By the time of the second series’ confirmation at the end of November, the programme had averaged an audience of 6.6 million viewers for its seven episodes then broadcast. The first series averaged 6.19 million viewers & the second series averaged 5.83 million.

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