Perkins’ 14 2009

Perkins’ 14 is a 2009 horror film originated by Jeremy Donaldson, written by Lane Shadgett, and directed by Craig Singer. The film is produced by Jeremy Donaldson, Matthew Kuipers, and Christopher Milburn.

Plot: Perkins builds an army of 14 people brainwashed through cult-like methods to protect him from his parents’ killers. When Perkins is imprisoned, the police unwittingly unleash his followers on a small town and they’ve only got one thing on their mind: “Kill for Mr. Perkins.”
* Patrick O’Kane as Dwayne Hopper
* Shayla Beesley as Daisy Hopper
* Mihaela Mihut as Janine Hopper
* Michale Graves as Eric Ross
* Gregory O’Connor as Grodsky
* Katherine Pawlak as Felicity
* Richard Brake as Robert Perkins
* Craig Robert Young as Mitch James
* Trey Farley as Scott
* CJ Singer as Kyle Hopper
* Sean Farragher as Pete
* Josh Davidson as The Stranger

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