Outlander 2008

Outlander is a 2009 science fiction film directed by Howard McCain & starring James Caviezel. Caviezel has described Outlander to be a light combination of Braveheart and Highlander.

Plot: Outlander begins when a space craft crashes onto planet earth. The ship lands in Norway in the time of the Vikings, 709 A.D. From the wreckage emerges a soldier from another world – Kainan who hunts a bloodthirsty creature known as the Moorwen. Man & monster both seek revenge for violence committed against them. As the Moorwen ravages the Viking world, killing everything in its path, Kainan forms an alliance with the primitive but fierce warriors. Whilst trying to hunt for the Moorwen, war brews among the Vikings, which ends with both sides taking immense losses. As the enemy Vikings retreat into the forests, the Moorwen strikes, leaving the vikings no choice but to run for help to their once close enemies. Together, the two sides attempt to destroy the Moorwen as a single band of Vikings. The village takes massive casualties, including the Viking Leader. The village in fear & its warriors demoralised, most of the vikings leave the village in search of a new home & safety. Kainan and the remaining warriors stand together to destroy the Moorwen. Kainan combines his advanced technology with ancient Iron Age weapons, and goes on to the final battle with the Moorwen. The final battle is when Kainan and the Moorwen fight on a cliff. The monster is about to fall, but it hangs onto Kainan’s arm. Kainan then slices the monster’s hand, sending the monster falling to its death. Kainan then chooses to stay with the humans & becomes king of the vikings.
* James Caviezel as Kainan
* Sophia Myles as Freya
* Jack Huston as Wulfric
* Ron Perlman as Gunnar
* John Hurt as Rothgar

Outlander had a wide release on January 23, 2009 at 81 theaters & grossed $59,581 at the U.S. box office in its opening weekend. As of January 27, 2009 the film grossed $72,096 at the U.S. box office and $3,668,658 at the box office worldwide. The film has seen limited US distribution, appearing in theaters for one-week runs with no advertising.

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