Love and Other Impossible Pursuits 2009

A film adaptation of the novel is planned with Natalie Portman starring in the lead role. The film will be directed by Don Roos and would also star Scott Cohen and Charlie Tahan. Jennifer Lopez was initially signed to portray the lead role, but Portman replaced her after she abruptly dropped out of the project. Production began in November 2008. However, the movie changed title to 17 Photos of Isabel.

Plot summary: Emilia Greenleaf is an attorney living in New York city with her husband, John Wolf. Emilia is stepmother to John’s 4-year-old son, William, who is a remarkably intelligent child. William lives primarily with his mother, the medical doctor Carolyn Soule. It is Emilia’s job, however, to pick up William from his nursery school every Wednesday afternoon. When she picks him up, Emilia is often subjected to snide glances and whispers from the other mothers because, it transpires, her relationship with her husband began when he was still with his wife. They had an office affair, and eventually the marriage dissolved. The reader also learns early on that Emilia and John recently lost their own child together, a girl they named Isabel. They had the baby home for only one day, as she died overnight of SIDS in Emilia’s arms after being fed.

* Natalie Portman – Emilia Greenleaf
* Lisa Kudrow – Carolyne
* Charlie Tahan – Jack
* Daisy Tahan – Emma
* Tom Stratford – Dad
* Scott Cohen

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