Lost (Tv Series) 2004

Lost is an American serial drama television series. It follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, after a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, United States crashes somewhere in the South Pacific.

For the first three seasons each episode typically featured a primary storyline on the island as well as a secondary storyline from a previous point in a character’s life, though the introduction of shifts forward in time and other time-related plot devices somewhat changed this formula for the latter half of the series. The pilot episode was first broadcast on September 22, 2004 and since then four full seasons have aired, with the fifth currently in progress, and a sixth set to be the final in 2010.

* Matthew Fox – Dr. Jack Shephard
* Daniel Dae Kim – Jin Kwon
* Josh Holloway – James “Sawyer” Ford
* Evangeline Lilly – Kate Austen
* Yunjin Kim – Sun Kwon
* Terry O’Quinn – John Locke
* Michael Emerson – Benjamin Linus
* Rebecca Mader – Charlotte Lewis
* Jeremy Davies – Daniel Faraday
* Ken Leung – Miles Straume
* Ian Somerhalder – Boone Carlyle
* Harold Perrineau Jr. – Michael Dawson
* Elizabeth Mitchell – Juliet Burke
* Henry Ian Cusick – Desmond Hume
* Maggie Grace – Shannon Rutherford
* Emilie de Ravin – Claire Littleton
* Naveen Andrews – Sayid Jarrah
* Dominic Monaghan – Charlie Pace
* Michelle Rodriguez – Ana Lucia Cortez
* Jorge Garcia – Hugo “Hurley” Reyes

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