Legendary 2010

Legendary is an upcoming drama film directed by Mel Damski. The film stars Devon Graye as a high school wrestler, in a cast that features John Cena, Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover, Madeleine Martin, and Tyler Posey. The film is scheduled to be released September 10, 2010.

Plot: Book-smart teenager Cal Chetley (Devon Graye) joins his Oklahoma high school’s wrestling team as a way to reunite his estranged brother, Mike (John Cena), and his mother, Sharon (Patricia Clarkson), who split apart after the death 10 years earlier of the boys’ father, Mac Chetley, a college wrestling legend.

* Devon Graye as Cal Chetley
* John Cena as Mike Chetley
* Patricia Clarkson as Sharon Chetley
* Danny Glover as Harry “Red” Newman
* Madeleine Martin as Luli

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