Julia 2008

Julia is a 2008 drama/thriller film directed by Erick Zonca with Tilda Swinton. It was shot in California and Mexico. The film was inspired by the John Cassavetes film Gloria.

Plot summary: In California, an alcoholic woman named Julia (Tilda Swinton) is out of control, partying every evening, and waking up in unknown homes with no memory of the previous night. Due to her reckless demeanour, she loses her job and begins losing money. She soon meets a mother Elena (Kate del Castillo) at an AA meeting. Elena takes Julia into her apartment after she finds her passed out on the pavement one night. The following morning Elena explains that she wants to kidnap her son Tom (Aidan Gould) from his wealthy grandfather and asks Julia to participate for $50,000. Julia declines the idea, though after some time she decides to do it for her. She visits an old friend to make her own deal and asks for his cooperation, but her offer is refused. She rides to the Mexican border, kidnaps the little boy and blackmails Elena’s father in law for 2 million dollars. The police discover her whereabouts and she flees, accidentally crashing her car through the wall dividing United States and Mexico. There, the boy is kidnapped in turn by Mexican kidnappers. Her friend, Mitch (Saul Rubinek), arrives in Mexico and gives Julia the ransom money. During the exchange, the Mexican kidnappers escape with the money, leaving the boy safely with Julia. Julia returns to hand the boy over to his mother, and to face the law.

* Tilda Swinton – Julia
* Aidan Gould – Tom
* Saul Rubinek – Mitch
* Kate del Castillo – Elena
* Jude Ciccolella – Nick
* Bruno Bichir – Diego
* Kevin Kilner – Johnny
* Ezra Buzzington – George

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