Is There Anybody There? 2009

Is Anybody There? (released at festivals as Is There Anybody There?) is a 2009 British drama film starring Michael Caine and directed by John Crowley. It was written by Peter Harness and produced by David Heyman, Marc Turtletaub and Peter Saraf.

The film premiered at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival under the title Is There Anybody There? It will be released in the United States on 17 April 2009 and in the United Kingdom on 1 May 2009.

Plot: Edward (Bill Milner) is a ten-year-old boy who lives at an old people’s home run by his parents (David Morrissey and Anne-Marie Duff). Surrounded by death and dying, he becomes obsessed with finding evidence for the afterlife. He is helped in his search by Clarence (Michael Caine), an elderly magician in the early stages of dementia. The film follows their quest and their friendship, which ultimately allows both Edward and Clarence to come to terms with their respective situations.
* Michael Caine as Clarence
* David Morrissey as Dad
* Anne-Marie Duff as Mum
* Bill Milner as Edward
* Leslie Phillips as Reg
* Sylvia Syms as Lilian
* Peter Vaughan as Bob
* Thelma Barlow as Ena
* Rosemary Harris as Elsie

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