In A Dream 2008

In A Dream is a 2008 documentary film by Jeremiah Zagar that premiered on March 9, 2008 at the South by Southwest film festival.

Synopsis: In A Dream is a documentary about Philadelphia-based artist Isaiah Zagar that was filmed and directed by his son, Jeremiah. Isaiah Zagar is famous for his complex, highly-detailed mosaics, which cover 50,000 square feet of South Philly with elaborate designs made from tiles and mirror pieces. These mosaics chronicle his relationship with his wife, Julia, and made him a dominant figure in the city’s arts scene. Zagar reveals many personal details of his life during the film, including revelations about his childhood and the existence of an adulterous relationship that threatens to tear his family apart.
* Isaiah Zagar
* Julia Zagar
* Ezekiel Zagar

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