iCarly (Tv Series) 2007

iCarly is a television series, which premiered on September 8, 2007 on Nickelodeon. It first arrived on YTV a month later on October 8, 2007. The show first aired on Nickelodeon UK during Easter 2008 and Nickelodeon Australia in May 2008.

iCarly made TV history as the first series to incorporate kid-generated original content into its script. The series stars Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress and Jerry Trainor. The series is created and executive produced by Dan Schneider. The series focuses on a girl named Carly (Cosgrove) who creates her own web show called iCarly with her best friends Sam (McCurdy) and Freddie (Kress).

Plot: Carly hosts her own home-grown web show, iCarly. She lives with her twenty something brother/guardian Spencer and produces her Web casts from a makeshift third floor loft studio. Grappling with adolescence, she never aimed to gain fame as a rising star/underground celebrity to kids. As events unfold in the pilot, it all happens by accident when a teacher puts her in charge of the school talent show. She and her sassy best bud Sam turn the audition process into a show, which Carly’s tech savvy smitten friend Freddy tapes including their hilarious banter and great chemistry & posts on the Web without telling the girls. The on-line audience clamors for more, and a pop phenomenon blooms, with Carly and sidekick Sam’s regular Web casts ultimately featuring everything from comedy sketches and talent contests to interviews, recipes, & problem-solving.
Series Cast
* Miranda Cosgrove – Carly Shay (38 episodes, 2007-2009)
* Jennette McCurdy – Sam Puckett (38 episodes, 2007-2009)
* Nathan Kress – Freddie Benson (38 episodes, 2007-2009)
* Jerry Trainor – Spencer Shay (38 episodes, 2007-2009)
* Noah Munck – Gibby (13 episodes, 2007-2009)
* Mary Scheer – Mrs. Benson (13 episodes, 2007-2009)
* Vince Deadrick Jr. – (13 episodes, 2007-2008)
* Colin Spensor – Wesley (8 episodes, 2007-2008)

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