I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell 2009

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is an American comedy film due for release in 2009. The film is loosely based on ‘The Austin Road Trip Story’ from I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max. The film is being produced by Darko Entertainment. Bob Gosse directed the film and Matt Czuchry stars as Tucker Max.

Plot: Loosely based on the real life Tucker Max’s alcohol-fueled adventures, the film follows Max to a friend’s bachelor party, where he ensnares the groom in a lie that threatens the wedding, then abandons him to pursue further carnal knowledge. After being banned from the nuptials, Max attempts to get back into his friend’s good graces.

* Matt Czuchry as Tucker
* Jesse Bradford as Drew
* Geoff Stults as Dan
* Keri Lynn Pratt as Kristy
* Marika Dominczyk as Lara

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