Held For Ransom 2000

Held for Ransom is a 2000 direct-to-video film, starring Dennis Hopper, Zachary Ty Bryan, Kam Heskin, Tsianina Joelson, Jordan Brower, and Randy Spelling with Paul Dillon, Morgan Fairchild, John Getz, Timothy Bottoms, Debi Mazar, and Joan Van Ark. It was directed and written by Lee Stanley based on the novel by Lois Duncan. Five spoiled high-school students are kidnapped and held for ransom in a remote swamp area.

* Dennis Hopper – JD
* Zachery Ty Bryan – Glenn Kirtland
* Kam Heskin – Jesse M.
* Jordan Brower – Bruce Kirtland
* Randy Spelling – Dexter
* Tsianina Joelson – Marianne

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