Hearts And Minds 2009

Peter Davis’ provocative Oscar-winning “Hearts and Minds,” first released to the American public in 1975, is that rare documentary whose truths and relevance have been underlined and amplified by the passage of time.

The title is derived from President Lyndon B. Johnson’s noting, as he escalated American involvement in the Vietnam War, that the ultimate victory will depend of ‘the hearts and minds of the people who actually live out there.’ But Davis’ triumph is that he is even more concerned with the hearts and minds of Americans. And though its time-set is the 10-year war that cost over 58,000 American and millions of Vietnamese lives and caused internal upheaval and bitter aftermath, his work endures as a touchstone for our concept of Americanism, patriotism, and personal and political principle.

Plot: Conscription has been introduced in Britain. Across the country, young people are being called upon to serve the nation in another reactionary Middle-Eastern conflict. They face war on a scale not seen in any of their lifetimes. hearts & minds follows ten of these young people in the weeks leading up to the first wave of departures, as they are forced to question their own principles and come to terms with what they stand to lose.

* Nick Bates – Dan
* Nick Blakeley – Alex
* Gabriella Brent – Amanda
* Emyr Clement – Enthusiast in pub
* Kim Croasdale – Alice
* Edd Danon – Ed

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