Halloween 2 2009

Halloween 2 is an upcoming 2009 American horror film written, directed, and produced by Rob Zombie. The film is a sequel to Zombie’s 2007 remake of Halloween (1978). H2 will follow the aftermath of the events of the 2007 remake, particularly how they affected Laurie Strode. The film will see the return of lead cast members Malcolm McDowell, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Tyler Mane, who portrayed Dr. Loomis, Laurie Strode, and Michael Myers in the 2007 film, respectively. Zombie originally passed on doing a sequel to his remake, feeling as though he had no energy left to make another Halloween film. Two-years later, after unsuccessful attempts to draft a script for a sequel, the Weinstein brothers, Malek Akkad, and Rob Zombie, who had a renewed interest in the film, secured a deal for the director to return.

Premise: Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) returns to his home town of Haddonfield, bringing death in his wake, to bring “closure to the secrets of his […] past”. An unlikely individual steps up to put an end to Michael.

* Malcolm McDowell – Dr. Samuel Loomis
* Tyler Mane – Michael Myers
* Sheri Moon Zombie – Deborah Myers
* Brad Dourif – Sheriff Lee Brackett
* Angela Trimbur – Harley David
* Caroline Williams – Dr. Maple
* Danielle Harris – Annie Brackett
* Matt Bush – Wolfie

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