Greek (Tv Series) 2007

Greek (promoted in faux-Greek alphabet as GRΣΣK) is an American teen comedy-drama television series. The show follows students of Cyprus-Rhodes University who partake in the school’s Greek system. It follows the life of Casey Cartwright and her brother, Rusty Cartwright.

Season 1
* US Premiere Date: July 9, 2007
* DVD Release Date: Chapter One: March 18, 2008 (episodes 1–10) Chapter Two: December 30, 2008 (episodes 11-22)
* Number of Episodes: 22
As Season One progresses, each character comes into his/her own by learning to cope with the challenges of Greek life. The fresh batch of pledges presents Rusty, a freshman wishing to shed his geeky image. His big sister, Casey, is a Zeta Beta Zeta sister vying for a presidential bid. Casey is dating an Omega Chi Delta brother, Evan, and her popularity starts to climb the charts. Evan is former best friends with Cappie, the president of the rivaling Kappa Tau Gamma fraternity and Rusty’s Big Brother. After engaging in a long-winded conversation with Rebecca, Casey’s undermining Little Sister, Cappie and Rebecca start dating. Casey’s best friend, Ashleigh, is the Social Chair of Zeta Beta Zeta, and she befriends Evan’s Little Brother, Calvin, but accidentally outs his homosexuality to his unknowing fraternity brothers. Many secrets are revealed, and Rusty’s first love, a Zeta Beta Zeta pledge sister, uses all the information she gathered as a pledge and writes a newspaper exposé that scandalizes the whole CRU Greek system, namely the Zeta Beta Zeta sisters, and causes Frannie, ZBZ president, to be dethroned. This causes Nationals to have to come in and investigate Zeta Beta.
Season 2
* US Premiere Date: August 26, 2008
* Number of Episodes: 22
In the Season 2 premiere, Casey has to deal with the consequences of Rebecca’s actions during spring break which includes participation in a wet T-shirt contest. And has to choose between kicking Rebecca out of Zeta Beta Zeta or keeping her on probation. Teagan drops by Zeta Beta Zeta again to make sure that the “Rebecca Situation” is taken care of. After a confrontation with Rebecca (in which Rebecca walks out of the house) Teagan assumes that Zeta Beta Zeta wants Rebecca kicked out, but the girls rally against Teagan. Rebecca is welcomed back into Zeta Beta Zeta. Greek Week begins and Omega Chi are the reigning champs for fraternities (Zeta Beta being the champs for sororities) and Kappa Tau tries to take the title. Cappie and Evan’s rivalry heats up with Greek Week and Rebecca’s spring break video begins to circle throughout campus. The Zeta Beta Zeta presidential election causes quite a commotion as Frannie and Casey fight for votes, resulting instead with the election of Ashleigh who won accidentally when she encouraged the other girls not to fight each other. Cappie and Rebecca also break-up when it becomes clear to Rebecca that Cappie is still not over Casey, and that he can never “man-up” enough to be there for her when she really needs him. But Casey is going out with Max, a Senior Engineer from Rusty’s program. However, when it comes to the summer and they have to go each their own way (Casey to Washington and Max to California), Casey decides that the relationship is not strong enough to bear the distance. In the end, Calvin and Rusty, as well as all other pledges become brothers in the respective houses, while Frannie leaves to create her own sorority, taking a lot of ZBZ sisters with her. In a cliffhanger, Casey, Ashleigh and Frannie all ask Rebecca what she wants to do.
Cast of characters
* Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar) is a Kappa Tau Brother. Casey’s little (birth) brother and Cappie’s little (fraternity) brother.
* Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer) is Rusty’s older (birth) sister, Rebecca’s older (sorority) sister and former Zeta Beta Zeta interim president.
* Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) is Rusty’s Big Brother and president of Kappa Tau Gamma, ex-boyfriend of Casey and Rebecca.
* Calvin Owens (Paul James) is a gay brother at Omega Chi Delta and is best friends with Rusty. He once dated a KT.
* Evan Chambers (Jake McDorman) is Calvin’s Big Brother and the newly elected president at Omega Chi Delta, who is currently dating Frannie, also the ex-boyfriend of Casey.
* Ashleigh Howard (Amber Stevens) is the newly elected President of Zeta Beta Zeta, and Casey’s best friend slash ditsy sidekick.
* Dale Kettlewell (Clark Duke) is Rusty’s straight-edged roommate, who starts his own group U-SAG (University Students Against Greeks).
* Rebecca Logan (Dilshad Vadsaria) is a Zeta Beta Zeta sister and senator’s daughter, who continuously challenges the authority of her Big Sister, Casey.
* Frannie Morgan (Tiffany Dupont) is the dethroned Zeta Beta Zeta president, who formed her own sorority, Iota Kappa Iota.
* Andy (Jesse McCartney) is a high school football star, who is the attention of Omega Chi and Kappa Tau during Rush.

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