Gary Unmarried (Tv Series) 2008

Gary Unmarried (formerly Project Gary) is a sitcom created by Ed Yeager starring Jay Mohr, which premiered on CBS September 24, 2008. The show is about two very different people sharing custody of their kids while starting new relationships.

Yeager and Ric Swartzlander serve as Executive Producers. The show is being produced by ABC Studios and CBS Paramount Network Television. On November 14, 2008, CBS picked up Gary Unmarried for a full 22 episode season. On January 7, 2009, the show won the “Favorite New TV Comedy” award at the 35th People’s Choice Awards beating Kath & Kim and Worst Week.
The series is centered around the life of Gary Brooks and begins three months after he and his ex-wife, Allison Brooks, officially divorce. Gary owns a house painting business and bought his own place after his divorce. Now his life revolves around trying to move on from his marriage and get back out into the dating scene while constantly having to deal with his ex-wife because they have two teenagers together. For these reasons, he has difficulty adjusting to life without Allison, and matters are not helped by his unfriendly relationship with Allison. Despite their acrimonious relationship and constant flinging of cracks at each other, Gary and Allison affectionately make up at the end of most of their conflicts, as the two seem to have a soft spot for each other underneath all their hostility. Their teenagers are sent back and forth between them so as to spend time with each parent. Their teenagers are Tom, a brash 14-year-old, who’s already had a girl in his bedroom (though at the advice of his father), has tried drinking beer, spoken to Gary as if he’s Gary’s father, and has even spoken to Vanessa in a flirtatious manner; and Louise, their precocious daughter, who plays the cello, keeps photos of Gandhi, Al Gore and Che Guevara on her bedroom walls, and watches C-SPAN. Allison considers Gary to be irresponsible in his parenting while Gary considers Allison to be boring in her parenting; this is shown whenever they pick up their teens from the other’s house. In the pilot episode, Gary starts dating a young divorcee mom, Vanessa Flood, while Allison reveals that she’s engaged to their former marriage counselor, Dr. Walter Krandall. Krandall is no longer Tom begins a romance of his own when he invites a girl over for the first time. The three couples move forward uncertainly (except Louise, who loves Al Gore). Vanessa, however, broke up with Gary after a short-lived relationship because of his inability to quit worrying about Allison.
Main Cast
Gary Brooks (Jay Mohr): A sophomoric, wisecracking, loving, but sneaky, scheming, dishonest divorced father, who’s often on some misadventure to keep out of trouble. Despite his deceptiveness and sneakiness, more often than not Gary is caught and fails miserably, resulting in him forecefully trying to justify his actions at the end of most situations. Gary enjoys drinking beer, sports, and playing games with his guy friends.
Allison Brooks (Paula Marshall): Gary’s troublemaking ex-wife and Louise/Tom’s mother, who once went on a trip to revisit an “old friend” that she admittedly never got along with—even forcing Gary to involve himself in it. Although generally seen behaving antagonistically and spitefully towards Gary, Allison has a tender side and is needy in terms of love, affection, and emotional support.
Tom Brooks (Ryan Malgarini): Gary and Allison’s brash teenage son who can be just as loving and caring as his mom but can also be just as witty and quick on the draw as his dad.
Louise Brooks Pilot: (Laura Marano) from episode two and on portrayed by (Kathryn Newton): Gary and Allison’s sassy daughter; a precocious environmentalist.
Vanessa Flood (Jaime King): Gary’s first post-divorce understanding, affable girlfriend, whom he has a lot in common with and met when his company painted her condo. Much like Gary, she has a child from a previous marriage and has a negative relationship with her ex-husband. Though Vanessa is good-humored for the most part, she isn’t the easiest person to get along with when discussing her ex-husband and once almost got into a quarrel with Allison, but Gary broke it up out of concern that Allison would hurt Vanessa. Vanessa is no longer appearing in the series and Jamie King is no longer listed in the credits.
Dennis Lopez (Al Madrigal): Gary’s witty best friend and coworker.
Dr. Walter Krandall (Ed Begley, Jr.): A nerdy, instructive psychiatrist and former marriage counselor to Gary and Allison, now engaged to Allison. He’s an older man and fifteen years older than Allison, which Gary doesn’t hesitate to make insults about. Krandall has stopped appearing in the series and Begley, Jr. is no longer listed in the credits.

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