From Within 2008

From Within is an upcoming thriller film directed by Phedon Papamichael and written by Brad Keene. Filming took place in Maryland in fall 2007. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April-May 2008.

Plot: When a series of suicides start happening in Grovetown, the townspeople turn a blind eye and cling to their beliefs.Lindsay (Elizabeth Rice) is a student who instead investigates the mystery of the suicides and befriends Aidan (Thomas Dekker), a nonbeliever. Lindsay discovers that something evil is behind the suicides and that she is next to die.
* Elizabeth Rice as Lindsay, the film’s central character.
* Thomas Dekker as Aidan
* Kelly Blatz as Dylan
* Laura Allen as Trish, Lindsay’s religion-obsessed stepmother.
* Adam Goldberg as Roy
* Rumer Willis as Natalie
* Margo Harshman as Sadie
* Brittany Robertson as Claire
* Jared Harris as Bernard
* Steven Culp as Pastor Joe
* Amanda Babin as Molly
* Shiloh Fernandez as Sean
* Mark A. Cummins as Classroom Teacher

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