Flash 1997

Flash is a film released in theaters which was originally shown on The Wonderful World of Disney. The film details the story of a child Conner Strong (played by Lucas Black), who visits a horse every day in hopes of buying it. To do so, Conner finds work as a delivery boy to save enough money for his dream. Conner lives with his father David (played by Brian Kerwin) and grandmother Laura (played by Ellen Burstyn), but when they do not have enough money to repay the bills, Conner’s father rejoins the merchant marines to pay back the mortgage and has enough money to buy Conner the horse.

However, when his job requires David to join the merchant marines and head to sea for five months, Connor’s idyllic life begins to unravel. His grandmother becomes sick and dies, the family home faces foreclosure, and Connor is forced to sell Flash to an unruly owner who beats the beloved horse. Such spiraling misfortune could be easily discounted as formulaic and emotional manipulation, were it not for the endearing scenes between Connor and Flash, which horse-lovers will cherish. Lucas Black pulls off a commendable performance, especially at the film’s middle, as Connor rescues Flash and together they set off on a cross-country journey to reunite with Connor’s father.
* Lucas Black
* Brian Kerwin
* Shawn Toovey

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