Fire and Ice: The Dragon Chronicles 2008

Fire and Ice: The Dragon Chronicles is a 2008 epic fantasy, action film by MediaPro Pictures and the Sci Fi Channel directed by Jean-Christophe Comar. The special effects and the CGI were entirely created in Romania.

Plot: The peaceful Kingdom of Carpia is ravaged by a Fire Dragon who spreads fear and death among the people. In order to save her subjects from terror, Princess Luisa asks Gabriel, the son of a dragon slayer, for help. Together they must free the Ice Dragon, the only one who can face the monster that brings destruction upon their kingdom. But soon their savior will become their worst enemy. The adventure Gabriel and Luisa embark on brings them closer and the two share an unexpected love story.

* Amy Acker – Princess Luisa
* Tom Wisdom – Gabriel
* John Rhys-Davies – Sangimel
* Arnold Vosloo – King Augustin
* Oana Pellea – Queen Remini
* Răzvan Vasilescu – Paxian Ru

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