Fight Night 2009

Fight Night (original domestic title, RIGGED) is a feature length action/adventure film produced in the United States in 2008. Shot mostly in the state of Kansas, the film tells of two drifters running from their pasts through a scheme of underground boxing matches. Comedy, drama, and excitement, this film is slated for release in the US in 2009.

Plot: Michael Dublin (Chad Ortis) is a hustler who runs from scheme to scheme trying to make the quick buck. His witty humor and sarcastic nature doesn’t bode well with clients whom he just swindled. After one heist that turns sour, Dublin is about to have his brains paint the sidewalk when from the shadows appears a sexy girl in a wife beater and pajama pants. This is Katherine Parker (Rebecca Neuenswander). She instantly takes down the man assaulting Dublin, nearly twice her size, and the gears begin to turn inside Dublin’s head. Together they employ on a cross country adventure that takes them through seedy basement bars, county fairs, and eventually the big event in Miami. But what happens when their past finally catches up to them… and are they willing to sacrifice the only thing they have to get where they want to be?
* Ryan Adison Amen
* Patrick Kirst
* Rebecca Neuenswander
* Chad Ortis
* Kurt Hanover
* John Wilson
* G. Love

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