Far Cry 2008

Far Cry is a film adapted from the video game of the same name. The film is directed by Uwe Boll and stars Til Schweiger. Uwe Boll gained the rights to a Far Cry movie, purportedly even before the game was released.

In an October 2006 interview, Uwe Boll said that production on Far Cry would begin in May 2007. It is important to note that the Far Cry series has been heavily edited in Germany, where it was released in October 2008, to sub-par reviews.

Plot: Jack Carver, a former member of the Special Forces takes the journalist Valerie Cardinal to an island to visit her uncle Max who is working in a military complex on the island. As they arrive Valerie gets captured by the minions of Doctor Krieger. Jack does not care about her until his boat explodes. After the destruction of his boat Jack finds out about the true purpose of the facilities on the island, which is the creation of genetically modified soldiers.
* Til Schweiger – Jack Carver
* Emmanuelle Vaugier – Valerie Constatine
* Natalia Avelon – Katja Chernov
* Michael ParĂ© – Paul Summers
* Craig Fairbrass – Parker
* Udo Kier – Dr. Krieger
* Mike Dopud – S Sgt. Ryder
* Chris Coppola – Emilio
* Ralf Moeller – Doyle
* Don S. Davis – The General
* Michael Eklund
* Jay Brazeau
* “Stuttering” Craig Skistimas – Scientist
* “Handsome” Thomas Hanley – Mercenary
* Anthony Bourdain – Scientist
* Michael Teigen – Mercenary Bridge
* D. Harlan Cutshall – Mercenary Quinn
* Scott Cooper (film) – Young reporter

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