Everlasting Moments 2008

Everlasting Moments (Swedish: Maria Larssons eviga ogonblick) is a 2008 Swedish drama directed by Jan Troell, starring Maria Heiskanen, Mikael Persbrandt and Jesper Christensen.

It is based on the true story of Maria Larsson, a Swedish working class woman in the early 1900s, who wins a camera in a lottery and goes on to become a photographer. It has been compared to Troell’s previous films Here’s Your Life and As White as in Snow, which are both set around the same period. The film won the Guldbagge Award for Best Film and was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 66th Golden Globe Awards. It also made the January shortlist for Best Foreign Language Film at the 81st Academy Awards, but wasn’t selected as one of the final nominees.

Plot: In a time of social change and unrest, war and poverty, a young working class woman, Maria, wins a camera in a lottery. The decision to keep it alters her whole life.
* Maria Heiskanen as Maria Larsson
* Mikael Persbrandt as Sigfrid Larsson
* Jesper Christensen as Sebastian Pedersen
* Emil Jensen as Englund
* Ghita Norby as Miss Fagerdal
* Hans Henrik Clemensen as Mr. Fagerdal
* Amanda Ooms as Mathilda
* Antti Reini as Captain
* Birte Heribertsson as Aunt Tora
* Claire Wikholm as Grandmother Karna
* Nellie Almgren as Maja age 7-9
* Callin Ohrvall as Maja age 14-22
* Ann Petren as Ida
* Maria Lundqvist as Miss Petrén
* Sanna Persson as Manse-Lotta
* Maria Kulle as Aunt Anna
* Hans Alfredson as Prison Guard
* Livia Millhagen as Ingeborg’s Mother
* Max Eskilsson as Sven age 14-17
* Rickard Nygren as Police

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