Echelon Conspiracy 2009

Echelon Conspiracy (formerly titled The Gift) is a 2009 action thriller film directed by Greg Marcks and starring Shane West, Edward Burns, and Ving Rhames.

Plot: A young American engineer acquires a cell phone that promises him unknown wealth, unsuspecting the danger that comes upon him with the cell phone. In the course of the film is tries to escape security agents, risking his life. Meanwhile a government official endangers the stability of the world.
* Shane West – Max Peterson
* Edward Burns – John Reed
* Ving Rhames – Agent Dave Grant
* Yuriy Kutsenko – Russian General
* Sergey Gubanov – Yuri Malanin
* Martin Sheen – Raymond Burke
* Steven Elder – Charles
* Sandra De Sousa – Female Casino Tech
* Greg Donaldson – Casino Tech

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