Dragonquest 2009

Dragonquest is a 2009 fantasy film produced by The Asylum, and the first fantasy film by the company since Merlin and the War of the Dragons in 2008. It is not related to the novel of the same name by Anne McCaffrey.

The film takes place in a Medieval-type world, where Sorcery is commonplace and people live in a feudalistic society. An evil wizard, wishing to conquer the world for his own, unleashes a seemingly unstoppable monster onto the world to terrorise the peasantfolk into submission. The creature can withstand any attack from humans, and appears indestructible. However, a small resistance movement has formed to defeat the wizard utilising the strength of a fabled dragon believed to be the only creature in the land that can match the monster in strength, and so the vigilantes set out in their quest for the dragon to save the kingdom.
* Marc Singer – Maxim
* Brian Thompson – Kirill
* Jason Connery – Gurion
* Daniel Bonjour – Arkadi
* Jay Beyers – Tolfar Thug
* Emilien De Falco – Keno
* Jennifer Dorogi – Katya
* Matthew Farhat – Elidor
* Richard Lund – King Agmar

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