Death Rattle Crystal Ice 2009

The film is an action/drama in which Casey Sandborn, a gray military operative stationed in South America, is chasing a bail-jumping, self-righteous drug dealer, Pablo. Pablo, busy partying, is an easy capture. But back home in Texas, Caseys little brother, Mace, an undercover drug cop, is murdered by a small town crooked County Sheriffs gang.

Sheriff Whitakers gang is controlled and financed by J.D., a smarmy, wealthy local rancher and businessman. The pair employs the Savage family, a trailer trash drug chemist, Jasper, and his nephew Bodie, a sociopath para-militaristic type, who have a meth super lab. Jaspers girlfriend Jessella, a controlling Asian beauty, is a witch and psychic. Jasper and Bodie are torn between loyalty to J.D. and Jessellas influences.

* Ezra Ayers – Casey
* Charlie Bonner – Deputy Mike
* Michael Caldwell – Sanitarium Security Officer
* Jhey Castles – Amanda
* Carol Anna Corey – Bodie’s Mother

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