Dancer in the Dark 2000

Dancer in the Dark is an award-winning musical film drama released in 2000. It was directed by Lars von Trier and stars Bjork Guðmundsdóttir, Catherine Deneuve, David Morse, Vladica Kostic, Cara Seymour and Peter Stormare. The soundtrack for the film, released as the album Selmasongs, was written mainly by Bjork, but a number of songs featured contributions from Mark Bell and the lyrics were by Lars Von Trier and Sjon.

Plot: Selma is a Czechoslovakian immigrant, a single mother working in a factory in rural America. Her salvation is her passion for music, specifically, the all-singing, all-dancing numbers found in classic Hollywood musicals. Selma harbors a sad secret: she is losing her eyesight and her son Gene stands to suffer the same fate if she can’t put away enough money to secure him an operation. When a desperate neighbor falsely accuses Selma of stealing his savings, the drama of her life escalates to a tragic finale.

* Bjork as Selma Jezkova
* Catherine Deneuve as Kathy (Cvalda)
* David Morse as Bill Houston
* Peter Stormare as Jeff
* Joel Grey as Oldrich Novy
* Cara Seymour as Linda Houston
* Vladica Kostic as Gene Jezek
* Jean-Marc Barr as Norman
* Vincent Paterson as Samuel
* Siobhan Fallon as Brenda

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