Crazy on the Outside 2010

Crazy on the Outside is a 2010 comedy film starring and directed by Tim Allen. This is Allen’s first time directing, and is notable for reuniting Allen with co-stars from many of his previous films (Weaver from Galaxy Quest, Liotta from Wild Hogs, Grammer from Toy Story 2 and Bowen from Joe Somebody).

Plot: Crazy on the Outside centers on a fresh out of jail parolee (Tim Allen) who finds out that life outside his prison cell is much more complicated than he was expecting, especially when he starts spending time with his eccentric sister (Sigourney Weaver) and all the crazy people in and around her life.

* Tim Allen as the parolee
* Jeanne Tripplehorn as his single-mom parole officer
* Sigourney Weaver as his loving but manipulative older sister
* J.K. Simmons as his sister’s sarcastic, taunting husband
* Ray Liotta
* Kelsey Grammer

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