Come What May 2009

Come What May is an American direct to video drama film released on March 17, 2009 by Advent Film Group. The filmmakers intentionally released it on DVD and not to theaters. George Escobar said, “Going straight to DVD will allow church groups to become the distributor.” The film tells the story of Caleb Hogan who tries to overturn Roe v. Wade in a moot court championship.

Plot: Caleb and Rachel team up to lead the Patrick Henry College team in the intense world of collegiate moot court competition. Caleb looks to date Rachel, but she’s waiting for courtship. Meanwhile, Caleb becomes caught in a moral tug of war between his parents a newly Christian father and a feminist attorney mother. Caleb’s mom goes before the U.S. Supreme Court defending abortion, even as Caleb simultaneously takes on the opposing legal argument at the national moot court championship.

* Austin Kearney as Caleb Hogan
* Victoria Emmons as Rachel Morton
* Kenny Jezek as Don Hogan
* Karen Jezek as Judith Hogan
* Michael Farris as himself

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