Code Monkeys (Tv Series) 2007

Code Monkeys is an American animated series on the video game-oriented television channel G4. The show was created by Adam de la Peña, the creator of Adult Swim’s Minoriteam and Comedy Central’s I’m With Busey, and follows the adventures of fictional video game company GameaVision in the early 1980s.

The show first aired on July 11, 2007; as of late 2008, two seasons have aired. The show has yet to be renewed for a third season. In September 2008, the show began airing on Teletoon in Canada. The theme song of the show, appropriately named “Code Monkey,” was written by Jonathan Coulton in 2006.

Plot: The plot of Code Monkeys revolves around the fictitious video game company GameaVision (a play on companies like ActiVision and ColecoVision) and its eccentric employees, mainly the slacker Dave and his high-strung friend Jerry. The entire series takes place in the city of Sunnyvale, California, one of the major cities that comprises the Silicon Valley. The humor in Code Monkeys is mostly grounded in toilet humor and black comedy, but some of the show’s jokes stem from its numerous references to video games, past and present, but mostly those from the 8-bit era including River City Ransom, Castlevania, Mega Man, Contra, Ikari Warriors, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, and Super Mario Bros. This also extends to cameos from well known video game developers, who appear in the show pitching their ideas to GameaVision for the games that would later make them famous, usually to be rejected, insulted, and sometimes injured or killed off.
* Dave (voiced by Adam de la Peña) – Dave is the de facto lead programmer at GameaVision. Immature, irresponsible, and constantly high on illicit drugs, primarily marijuana, he focuses his attention more on playing games than actually making them. Dave often grosses out his co-workers by either throwing up in front of them, having his pants down at inopportune moments, dry humping random people or objects, or performing other lewd acts. A rampant hedonist, the only things that seem to motivate Dave are money, drugs, and sex. Most of the show’s and characters’ predicaments are caused by Dave’s erratic and impulsive actions. Despite all this, Dave has flair to all of his actions and is a competent game programmer.
* Jerry (voiced by Matt Mariska) – Jerry is Dave’s best friend, fellow programmer, and office-mate. Unlike Dave, Jerry is hard-working, responsible, and tidy. However, usually under Dave’s negative influence, Jerry will succumb to sinful pleasures, often with disastrous outcomes. Jerry’s running gags throughout the series deal with his unrequited crush on fellow programmer Mary, who can’t stand him, mainly because of his friendship with Dave, fixing the damage Dave causes, sometimes making the situation worse, wetting himself when nervous or threatened, and his tendency to be quite effete at certain times.
* Mr. Larrity (voiced by Andy Sipes) – Mr. Bob “Big T.” Larrity is the current head of GameaVision, a Texan billionaire who bought the company from Steve Wozniak, despite the fact that he knows nothing about video games, only that they’re sure to make him rich. In addition to being ignorant, Larrity is violent, manic, bigoted, and possibly insane. He treats his employees with no respect, but still cares about them to some degree, particularly for Dave, Jerry, and Benny.
* Dean (voiced by Andy Sipes) – Dean is Mr. Larrity’s extremely muscular, but borderline retarded son. He is appointed by his father as GameaVision’s Head Supervisor and occasionally, the company’s official corpse disposer. However, Dean rarely interacts with the other employees and doesn’t participate in any of the programming. He oftentimes uses violence to solve problems. He responds to most situations with the phrase, “What’s up?”
* Todd (voiced by Dana Snyder) – Todd is GameaVision’s resident fantasy game designer, an obese, 33-year old nerd who is always seen wearing a horned helmet. Todd often acts and speaks pretentiously, considering himself to be GameaVision’s greatest programmer and thus makes him the most despised employee at the company. He is also one of the more mentally unstable characters on the show, often being referred to as creepy, blurring the line between his Dungeons and Dragons-inspired fantasy and reality, having an unhealthy obsession with “Lettuce Patch” dolls, especially with his personal favorite Tiffany, as well as having a near incestuous relationship with his mother.
* Black Steve (voiced by Tony Strickland) – Black Steve is GameaVision’s accountant and, as his nickname would imply, he is the only known black man working at the company. He is foul-mouthed and ill-tempered towards white people, animals with white skin or fur, and any inanimate object that is colored white. He relishes the opportunity to use his semi-automatic pistol against anything that angers him. Despite his position, Black Steve has contributed games to the company, mostly themed to his prejudice towards white people. Despite his violent tendencies, it is shown that he’s highly intelligent, as he is polylingual and graduated from Dartmouth College.
* Mary (voiced by Gretchen McNeil) – Mary is GameaVision’s sole female programmer, and subsequently isn’t taken seriously by any of the other sexist employees, with the exception of Jerry, who has a major, although unrequited, crush on her. Compared to her co-workers, Mary is considered to be the most level-headed employee at GameaVision. She is often accused of being a lesbian because of her strong beliefs in feminism. A majority of the games she designs are targeted at girls or revolve around women’s issues in some way.
* Clare (voiced by Suzanne Keilly) – Clare is GameaVision’s receptionist. The antithesis to Mary, Clare has many mannerisms common to the valley girl stereotype. She is airheaded, self-centered, self-conscious, and especially sexually promiscuous, even going as far as taking unconscious men back to her house and partaking in BDSM-related activities. She is often treated with disrespect or sometimes just straight out ignored by her co-workers.
* Benny (voiced by Dana Snyder) – Benny is a Korean child, illegally adopted by Larrity to test the company’s games. He is fed a diet of cigarettes, Pixy Stix, bags of pure sugar, and amphetamines to stunt his growth and keep him game-testing nonstop. As a result, Benny is constantly hyper and usually spends his time roaming through the building’s ventilation and plumbing systems, making a side living selling things to employees. No game can be shipped without Benny’s approval, which causes the programmers, namely Dave and Jerry, to repeatedly bribe him with treats and toys (often illegal ones).
* Clarence (voiced by Lionel Tubbins) – Clarence is GameaVision’s audio designer. Flamboyantly gay, he wears sparkly jumpsuits, sings most of his dialogue, and constantly makes blatant references to gay sex. He has also demonstrated the abilities to levitate and pass through walls, using “gay magic” which can be toggled on and off, possibly a play on the “fairy” pejorative of homosexuality. Occasionally, Clarence contributes homosexually-themed games to the company.

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