Braveheart 1995

The film won five Academy Awards at the 68th Academy Awards, including the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Director, and had been nominated for an additional five.

Produced by Icon Productions for Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox, the film’s success helped revive the historical epic genre, with subsequent films such as Gladiator, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, 300, and Mongol.

Plot: In 1280 A.D. Edward I of England, known as “Longshanks,” has occupied much of Scotland, and his oppressive rule there leads to the deaths of William Wallace’s father and brother. Years later, after Wallace has been raised abroad by his uncle, the Scots continue to live under the harsh thumb of Longshanks’ cruel laws. Wallace returns, intent on living as a farmer and avoiding involvement in the ongoing “Troubles.” Wallace rekindles a romance with his childhood friend Murron after showing her the carefully preserved thistle she gave him as a child, and the two marry in secret to avoid the primae noctis decree the King has set forth. But after Wallace beats up a group of English soldiers attempting to rape her, the village Sheriff publicly cuts Murron’s throat before Wallace is able to save her. An enraged Wallace, with the assistance of his fellow villagers, slaughters the English garrison. He then cuts the sheriff’s throat with the same dagger that killed Murron.Knowing that the local English lord will retaliate, Wallace and his men enter his castle dressed in English uniforms and burn it down. In response to Wallace’s exploits, the commoners of Scotland rise in revolt against England.
The film won numerous awards including the 1995 Academy Award for:
* Best Picture
* Best Director – (Mel Gibson)
* Best Cinematography
* Best Makeup
* Best Sound Editing

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