Bitten 2008

Bitten is a low budget 2008 black comedy vampire movie that stars Jason Mewes, as a paramedic who rescues Danika, a female vampire, from an alley way. This movie was aired on Sci Fi Channel on March 15, 2009.

Plot: Bitten is a vampire movie about a paramedic who is frustrated with his life after he breaks up with his girlfriend. The show stars a paramedic named Jack who discovers a girl (Danika) in an alley way covered in blood, clinging to life. Jack takes Danika in and soon discovers that she is a vampire. The main plot of the show involves Jack and Danika trying to find a way to feed her cravings to drink blood while killing as little as possible. All their attempts end without success because a vampire needs fresh human blood.
* Jason Mewes as Jack
* Erica Cox as Danika
* Richard Fitzpatrick as Roger
* Nic Nac as Pusher
* Stuart Stone as Twitch
* Jordan Madley as Sherry
* Grace Armas as Mrs. Lee

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