Being Human (Tv Series) 2009

Being Human is a British television supernatural drama-comedy series, broadcast on BBC Three. It stars Lenora Crichlow, Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner as three apparent twenty-something characters sharing a house in Bristol, trying to live a normal social life, despite being a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire.

It is one of the most popular shows on BBC’s iPlayer and the creator Toby Whithouse has said he is thrilled that the BBC has decided to commission a second series.

Plot: The pilot was commissioned by Koei Karpe, the controller of BBC Three, as part of the re-branding of BBC Three along with several other pilots (including West 10 LDN and Phoo Action) from either one or two of which it was intended that a full series would later be produced. The pilot starred Guy Flanagan as Mitchell the vampire, Andrea Riseborough as Annie the ghost and Russell Tovey as George the werewolf and featured Adrian Lester as Herrick and Dominique McElligott as Lauren although all the characters except George were recast when the series went into full production. Set in Bristol and filmed on location, Being Human shows views of Clifton Suspension Bridge and Clifton Village. The characters’ shared house is located in Totterdown, Bristol, and the pub shown in the closing minutes of the pilot is located on the same street. The hospital that the characters work in is mostly filmed in and around the Bristol General Hospital. The pilot episode was broadcast at 9pm on 18 February 2008 and an online petition lobbying BBC Three commissioning editors to green light a full series was set up by Narin Bahar, a journalist from the Reading Chronicle newspaper, as part of a review of the show. The article and petition drew traffic from across the world and with the latter now having been signed by over 3,000 people.
On March 28, 2009, on BBC3 began a two-weekend reshowing of the first series, preceded by a 60-minute documentary about the series featuring interviews with series creator Toby Whithouse and actors Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow, Jason Watkins, Annabel Scholey and Sinead Keenan.
(Series Cast Summary – 10 of 14)
* Russell Tovey – George (7 episodes, 2008-2009)
* Lenora Crichlow – Annie (6 episodes, 2009)
* Aidan Turner – Mitchell (6 episodes, 2009)
* Jason Watkins – Herrick (6 episodes, 2009)
* Dylan Brown – Seth (6 episodes, 2008-2009)
* Annabel Scholey – Lauren (5 episodes, 2009)
* Sinead Keenan – Nina (5 episodes, 2009)
* Gregg Chillin – Owen (5 episodes, 2009)
* Sama Goldie – Janey (4 episodes, 2009)
* Paul Kasey – Werewolf (3 episodes, 2009)

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