Bee Movie 2007

Does good necessarily follow good intentions? Barry B. Benson, a bee who’s just finished his education and hates the idea of picking a life-long vocation, meets a human, florist Vanessa Bloom, while buzzing about Manhattan.

She takes him to a supermarket where Barry discovers shelves and shelves of honey. Realizing it has been taken from bees who work tirelessly and exhaust themselves for their two cups a year he follows the delivery truck back to the honey farm, gathers evidence, and files suit against humanity. But what if Barry wins and the honey is returned to the bees, who can then slack off? An ecological cataclysm?

Box office performance
The film opened at #2 with a weekend gross of $38,021,044, behind only American Gangster. On its second week, it surpassed American Gangster with a $25,565,462 weekend gross appearing as #1. As of July 6, 2008, it has grossed $126,631,277 in the USA and $160,449,285 overseas for a worldwide total of $287,080,562.

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